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Funding Expert Academy Lite programme (Limited in bonuses)

A note from Nikolaos Floratos

I am looking forward to teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know to start from scratch and become a highly-paid expert as proposal writer and funding manager. This programme will teach you step-by-step how to develop winning proposals for european funding and position yourself as a highly-paid funding expert starting immediately. The course pace is fully aligned with your business and personal obligations that run in parallel in your life. You will have access for one full year anyway. Help others with your advice and advance a career doing it. Funding Expert Academy Programme will show you how. Guaranteed!.

  1. Week 1 - Module 1: Become familiar with the Funding Expert Transformation Process™ and the B.U.N.D.L.E.R.™ habits that champions in european funding master.
  2. Week 2 Module 2: Master techniques for navigating through the EU funding labyrinth and on understanding the language of the funders, on how to approach them and what kind of questions to ask in order to identify the most suitable and promising funding opportunity for your organisation and your clients  based on the Five Fingers Technique™
  3.  Week 3 - Module 3: Become proficient in specific rituals (steps) that will lead to the successful submission of your proposal for funding based on the I.C.R.E.A.T.E.S. System™
  4.  Week 4 - Module 4 (Part 1): Become expert in  specific tools, methodologies and  practices for convincing  and impressing your potential funders and evaluators on the excellence, impact and implementation strategy of your proposal based on the C.R.I.T.E.R.I.A. Formula™.
  5. Week 5 - Module 4 (Part 2): Become expert in  specific tools, methodologies and  practices for convincing  and impressing your potential funders and evaluators on the excellence, impact and implementation strategy of your proposal based on the C.R.I.T.E.R.I.A. Formula™

Last but possibly one of the best offers. By following this course, you have the option to receive a specialisation certificate on Planning European Funded Projects issued by the world-wide recognised vocational award body Institute of Leadership and Management part of City & Guilds/ILM. In case you opt-in at the course registration, you have 100 EUR discount also. Of course, you can always purchase later at full price. 

Enjoy it and never stop learning!

Nikolaos Floratos

Read the Funding Expert Academy Programme Overview, then register below before closing the special offer:

  1. Yes, I want to begin my training right now! I understand that  I will have access for minimum 12 months and I understand I can have as extra some great bonuses. Keep reading for full details.
  2. Bonus # 1: Resource Folder with further resources and examples as good practices in proposal writing (valued at 2,000 EUR). After 30 days from my registration, I will get access to the Resources Folder with further examples and material (e.g. great content for proposal summaries, dissemination and exploitation strategy, Impact, Risk Analysis, etc). The Resources Folder is a "swiss army knife" in the development of your proposal. 
  3. Bonus # 2: 30-Day Money back guarantee. Funding Expert Academy guarantees that this is one of your best investments for your personal but mainly for your professional development. We know that this is a substantial investment for you, so we want to take out all the risk from you and here is what we can do. We are so confident that the course will deliver to you everything you need to know in order to boost your career as a funding expert and you have 30 days to decide whether this is the case for you also. Within 30 days, if you believe that this is not the best training ever in the funding industry and you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money. Just ask us and we will do so without the hassle and without asking any further question. 
  4. I understand I must request a refund within 30 days if I want a refund because there are no refunds after 30 days and besides, I  want the bonus(es) that will be available by then.


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