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  • “Nikolaos is very knowledgeable on the H2020 topics and review process. I'm happy that I took the course and enjoyed the opportunity to learn from him about communication strategies for H2020 projects! ”

    Founder The Online Scientist

  • “I would like to thank Nikolaos Floratos for the very inspiring and motivating training courses on "Successful Horizon 2020 Dissemination/Exploitation and Communication strategies" and "Master the Recipe on Developing Successful Proposals for European Funds"”

    European Project Manager at Fundación CV Pacto Empleo

  • “Nikolaos was a great teacher! During his training course on how to better manage the H2020 project proposal writing phase, he provided very good explanations, put the focus on the key points and answered to many questions on how to improve the successfull rate. I definitely recommend his courses for all those who want to be winner in the H2020 and EU funded projects.”

    Dr at Politecnico di Torino

  • “Nikolas Floratos delivered a valuable and dynamic course on how to prepare a proposal for H2020 calls, which was aimed at the researchers in the university. During the sessions, he provided clear explanations, emphasised the key points that should always be considered, and mentioned several useful tips for increasing the chances of being successful. I definitely recommend his courses for all those currently involved or willing to engage in EU projects.”

    Researcher at Open Evidence and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

  • “The workshop on H2020 projects by Nikolaos was realy usefull! I could apply it directly in a project proposal we are involved. The approach presented by Nikolaos proved not only usefull for H2020 projects, but I employ the steps now also a a systematic approach for other proposal writing!”

    Professor of Applied Sciences at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

  • “Recently I participated in Nikolaos his one-day program Funding Expert. Funds are not my daily business or concern so I was happily surprised by Nikolaos his clear and straightforward approach in this complex matter. He guided us through a very useful and powerful DIY framework how to become a funding expert by applying the clear steps in his 'recipe'. I feel empowered and blessed by his guidance. Thanks Nikolaos!”

    Flow Facilitator

  • “I attended the whole cycle of the video courses of Nikolaos about H2020 and about how ti succed in the EU funds "arena" with an initial scepticism given by the fact that I myself work by 20+ years now in the field of EU direct funds. Despite that i have learnt a lot, however. This prove how high is the preparation of Nikolaos in the field of EU funds and how empatic he may be when transferring his know-how”

    EU project​ manager, entrepreneur, expert in education and training policies, chartered auditor of EU projects

  • “Great trainer for writing EU proposals! Thanks for your great training Nikolaos!”

    Beleidsmedewerker Internationalisering at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

  • “I had the opportunity to participate in the course that Dr. Florato teached last November in Universitat Oberta de Catalunya about Horizon 2020 (RIA & IA) and I really enjoyed it. Florato is a competent expert in Horizon 2020 funding, he use instructional materials and a very effective learning methodology and, last but not least, he is a very inspiring speaker. Don’t miss his courses if you get the chance!”

    Asesora y gestora de propuestas y proyectos I+D+i

  • “A succinct and well-rounded clarification of the recipe for successfull proposal writing. Easily recommended to anyone seriously interested in developing/furthering their skills.”

    Postdoctoral Researcher, 3D Printing with advanced composite materials.

  • “Few people have the opportunity to listen to a coach like Nikolaos. I had the pleasure of seeing him in action on a training in Leuven. I was particularly impressed by Nikolaos's ability to keep everyone connected to his presentation effortlessly. He gave me confidence and showed me in a few hours how to become a better communication manager. Any employee would be lucky to have Nikolaos as a coach”

    Communications Manager at KU Leuven

  • “Great training with Nikolaos about H2020 funding.”

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

  • “Nikolaos offers solid and helpful training for the writing of Horizon 2020 research proposals. I enjoyed his training and am sure that it will be very helful for me when I prepare a proposal in the near future. He's got great communication skills.”

    Associate Professor/ professora agregada at UOC

  • “During May 2016 I attended a 2 day workshop at the SARIMA conference in South Africa where Nikolaos presented on Horizon 2020. He provided us with an excellent guideline and processes and steps to follow on how to be successful when applying for EU grants. It was very insightful and provided me with knowledge and processes to follow to be able to assist our researchers to be even more succesful when applying for external grants.”

    Manager: Industry and International Research Partnerships at University of Pretoria

  • “I attended Nikolaos course on SME Instrument as my objective was to write a successful proposal. I must say I admire Nikolaos' ability to go through- and make easy to understand- a really hard subject as it is "European foundlings". I found the course really useful not only because of the in-depth approach and also the tips to build a proposal but also because he gave us the chance to work on our own projects and review with him our mistakes. ”

    Comunicación corporativa

  • “I recently had the pleasure of joining a course on SME Instrument Proposal Writing, and Nikolaos was our trainer for the course. Nikolaos is passionate about and clearly has a strong knowledge in the subject he is teaching and inspiring in his delivery. I would recommend Nikolaos' abilities as a trainer, he is personable and approachable in his teaching and has provided me with very practical knowledge to help my clients. Nikolaos would be an asset to any SME requiring support in their funding application process. ”

    Business Development Manager - RSP Systems

  • “On behalf of SARIMA, I invited Nikolaos to present a two-day workshop on how to write and manage Horizon 2020 grants. This workshop had participants from Southern Africa and was part of a broader conference. Nikolaos was an inspiring and dynamic presenter: so knowledgeable and in touch with the intricacies of quite a complex funding landscape. Participants rated his workshop very highly and I received many words of appreciation about how strong his expertise is and how he is able to make a very detailed arena, entertaining, understandable and practical. I would deeply value working with Nikolaos again. He added scholarly panache, vibrant style and a huge amount of expertise to our workshop and conference. Thanks, Nikolaus for so much that you did for the Southern African region! You are welcome to come back, at any time!”

    Developmental Project Management: Independent

  • “I had the pleasure of attending one of Nikolaos' training courses on project dissemination and exploitation of European funded projects. His knowledge in the area combined with the energy and enthusiasm he showed in the class proved that he's an excellent explainer and trainer. His methods for delivering an engaging learning experience were useful to experience for somebody also in the field of training. Last, but not least; the course contents was also top-notch.”

    Simplicatus Research and Development PL Ltd Sp kom

  • “"Nikolaos Floratos gave a very thorough and inspiring training on H2020 issues. He convinced us that it is not as unlikely to receive funding from that program as generally thought. Mr. Floratos has a unique style of teaching, and he moves forward easily, discussing, smiling - and still being very structured. I would recommend Nikolaos' trainings for all working in projects, applying for funding, or wanting to become an expert some day."”

    Project Coordinator at Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI)

  • “I attended a course by Nikolaos in Brussels on the SME Instrument of the Horizon 2020 program ("The big opportunity for SMEs - SME Instrument under H2020"). The 3 day course took me through all details of the SME Instrument and to a state of knowledge at which I knew all I need to know to successfully use this funding program. Nikolaos made this possible with his deep knowledge, vast experience in EU funding and combining it with an engaging and practical method of sharing this.”

    Business Analyst, Sales Coordinator, Funding Coordinator at remote control productions

  • “Hi Nikolaos, I'll address you my greatest thanks for your excellent H-2020 workshop you offered us in Seinäjoki (West Finland) on 14-15 March. I've worked with European issues and EU projects more than 20 years and participated a number of events similar to this. However, this was absolutely the best of all. Looking forward to cooperate with you also in the future.”

    Regional Advisor, Regional Council of Satakunta

  • “Excellent training session in Seinäjoki; very concrete! We got many useful and benefit tips for the future that will help with project planning. Strongly recommended!”

    Development Manager at Into Seinäjoki Oy

  • “I attended the “Write a successful proposal On EU Funding” course presented by Nikolaos. The course was engaging, informative and well structured. Nikolaos skillfully kept a very diverse audience engaged and responsive across the two days. As they say “the proof is in the pudding” I now hope to apply the insights provided by Nikolaos to what will be many successful proposals!”

    Business Development Manager at Imperial College London

  • “I took Nikolaos' course on "write a successful proposal on EU funding" and I just can be thankfu because I never expected to learn that much. I just regret I couldn't do it for longer, because he gave us years and years of effort and experience in very simple and clear steps. The contents were so well summarised that either you are an expert or just a beginner, you feel it's easy to follow the lesson and that same time very thorough. Coffee time passed several times without anybody taking notice. My advice? If you can have the pleasure do not miss the chance.”

    EU Policy Expert

  • “I have attended two training courses on planning and managing European Projects hosted by Nikolaos Floretos and the first thing I have to say is that I hope to be able to attend more. Nikolaos has extensive knowledge and a straight-forward way of explaining these topics: you will not loose any time spent during his lessons. And last but not least, during the coffe/ lunch breaks you will realice that not only Nikolaus is an excellent Coach/Trainer but is also eager to learn from others.”

    Project Assistant en Moverim Consulting

  • “It’s rare that you come across trainers, who can explain complex issues to be understandable for everyone. Nicolaos is this kind of trainer. I had the pleasure to participate on his 5 days training and I follow his work since that time. He improved/improves significantly my knowledge in EU funding, mainly in a way how to approach this difficult subject. If you want to be successful in EU funding then follow work of Nicolaos or attend his training, you will not be disappointed.”

    Project Specialist - International Collaborative Projects, Horizon 2020, FP7, INTERREG and Erasmus+, TT, Dissemination

  • “I have participated in the course "Plan and Manage Effectively your European funded Project" held by Nikolaos who gave me great input and precise information on the topic. Nikolaos is a great trainer and coach on the topic.”

    Owner at Training 2000

  • “Nikolaos conducted a course on “Horizon 2020: How to get funding for your Research and Innovation projects” that I found very valuable. He demonstrated a high degree of experience and expertise. During this 3-day course he provided extensive first-hand practical information for proposal development, explained how to find your way to information in Brussels and how to find partners for H2020 projects. I would recommend him for any training on this topic.”

    Research grant advisor/ policy officer at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

  • “Nikolaos gave us a seminar about writing successful proposals for the H2020 programs. It was definitely the best course about the topic I ever been involved. In two days we covered all the main important topics, and Nikolaos gave us the key advices and a lot of examples and extra resources to write a good proposal and work on it far before the consortium is stablished. It was a pleasure to attend to the course.”

    Lecturer en UOC

  • “ would strongly recommend Mr. Floratos as a trainer and expert in Horizon2020 proposals. He has given an interesting and useful training at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and has encourage me to participate in EU funding programmes.”

    Valorisation and Technology Transfer Manager

  • “Nikolaos gave us an interesting and very useful seminar about H2020. The seminar was enganging, and very well focused in the several aspects involved in H2020 proposals. It had the outline of a cooking recipe easy to follow.”

    Deputy Director of Research at eLearn Center at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

  • “I had the opportunity to follow a 3 days course given by Nikolaos on how to get funding for H2020 R&I projects: I would strongly recommend both the course and the teacher! As an expert evaluator and project manager, Nikolaos has a sound knowledge of EU funding and rules for project building, and he is very inspiring and motivating. You never get bored during his highly demanding course and he succeeds in mixing the right amount of theory and practice to make you feel really satisfied and involved.”

    Co-Founder @ F&H Lifestyle Technologies | Launching RévolutionDigitale

  • “Nicholas has a great talent: making complex topics easily understandable in a very agreeable way. Inspiring teaching!”

    EU Funds Advisor

  • “Nikolaos is an excellent teacher. I had the opportunity to attend his class on Financial Management on EU Funded Projects which I found inspiring. He was able to explain in two full days all the rules to follow in a clear and synthetic way. The attention was always high in the class and all the attendants participated actively to the discussion.”

    Information Analyst & Project Manager

  • “I followed the tow day course 'Write a successful proposal on EU funding' given by Nikolaos Floratos. I really can recommend this course for the experienced and less experienced 'EU project writers'. Finally a comprehensive, well structured and down to earth course (given from the point of view of the project evaluators)!”

    Expert - European for Citizens programme at European Commission: Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency

  • “Nikolaos is an excellent teacher, with a deep knowledge of all aspects of EU project management. I have also been impressed by his effective teaching method and his communication skills, as he was able to explain in simple words complex concepts and to capture the attention of the audience for two entire days, without any need for slides or media support.”

    European Political Affairs

  • “I attended a two day seminar on successful proposal writing with Nikolaos as the coach which I can highly recommend. His wide knowledge with EU funds and project evaluation is really a big benefit. His practical methods and tools as well as his way of actively involving the participants make the seminar very interesting.”

    Resident Twinning Adviser, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova bei Agrarmarkt Austria

  • “Training with Nikolaos was a great experience. He offers a very productive and efficient training session which is also fun. Most importantly I believe a fundamental difference from other trainings is that you get a fresh perspective. Thus, his training is not just for beginners, experienced project managers can expect and learn a lot from these sessions. I would strongly recommend him.”

    Senior Project Manager at WHITE RESEARCH SPRL

  • “Nikolaos is a wonderful trainer. In his courses he provides a clear overview of the EU funded project cycle and applies his wide experience in the field to solve all the questions arising during the course. I strongly recommend people interested in applying for EU funding to attend his training courses.”

    Proyectos | Investigación | Formación | Interpretación lengua de signos

  • “Nikolaos Floratos is a great trainer and I recommend his trainings to anyone who is looking for efficient, well structured and perfectly performed trainings. Nikoloas provides training participants with a lot of additional information so that you can return to the training contents later. Moreover, Nikolas is very friendly and always willing to help.”

    Director - KURZY ZEBRA s.r.o.

  • “Nikolaos Floratos is a great trainer and I recommend his trainings to anyone who is looking for efficient, well structured and perfectly performed trainings. Nikoloas provides training participants with a lot of additional information so that you can return to the training contents later. Moreover, Nikolas is very friendly and always willing to help.”

    Director - KURZY ZEBRA s.r.o.

  • “if you have the chance to take one of the courses Nikolaos teaches, don't let it get away, even if you are remotely interested in European Projects. On top of sharing his excellent knowledge on the subject, he will let you in on an actual methodology, using - my personal favorite - maieutics, as well as valuable tools and techniques. Always looking to improve and adapt to his audience, he is a natural talent as a trainer. Absolutely recommended for cooperation.”

    Key Account Manager at Telmaco S.A

  • “Attending for the second time such a course on how to plan and manage effectively European funded projects was again an excellent experience. Keeping updated with the latest EC requirements is of utmost importance. This course equips you with all the necessary skills to help you succeed in this area of expertise. A big thanks goes to Nikolaos, who in my opinion is an outstanding tutor. He delivers the sessions in a professional manner and he is an exceptional communicator with great knowledge in this field. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be successful in project proposal writing and management throughout the life span of the project.”

    Manager at Project Support Office University of Malta

  • “I highly recommend Nikolaos Floratos' training on EU project writing and management. His courses are stimulating, refreshing with up-to-date information, involving and, last but not least, engaging with hands-on-activities and lots of useful practical material. Brilliant idea also to provide online sessions and entire courses. With Nikolaos one is obliged to learn. After one online course and a 5-day face-to-face course, I am looking forward to follow some more courses with him, as the topic is endless vast.”

    Retired Professor of Linguistics and of Sociolinguistics - University of Perugia

  • “f someone is willing to learn the essence of planning and writing a successful proposal on EU funding I can highly recommend Nikolaos Floratos, especially his teaching skills and techniques. I had great time last week during sixteen hours of his lessons since when most of my black boxes I had (related to the teaching subject) have been opened in many different colors.”

    Senior Researcher/EUFO team Coordinator at IPSA Institute

  • “Nikolaos' expertise and skills are of very high standard. His teaching methods and his capacity to provide a structured, methodological approach for the planning and management of European Projects are unique. He has both the technical knowledge and experience to systematically guide you through the wide diversity of European Funding Grants in a way that simplifies the process and makes the task achievable. I always seek for Nikolaos' advice and of course strongly recommend him.”

    Neurosurgeon - M.D., Ph.D. - Trained at King's College Hospital London, U.K

  • “Nikolaos Floratos has a unique and effective approach in passing knowledge to others. I was priviledged to attend one of his seminars on H2020 project development and all I can say is that I got my money's worth 100%. The thing with Nikolaos is that he doesn't only shape-up your technique, he spices up his teaching with valuable tips, on-line tools and many more to make your project development attempt more competitive. Thanks Nikolaos...hope to work along your side soon.”

    Director at IHE - Innovative Business Services

  • “I had the luck to choose Mr Floratos' online training for Professional Planning and management of European funded projects. I was pleased to find a well structured online training environment as well as his availability to guide me through it. Excellent communicator and teacher, great knowledge of EU funded projects and well connected professional, he delivered much more than expected and offered his assistance on the project I was working on.”

    Finance and Strategy Manager at Syft

  • “Nikolaos is a brilliant trainer. He has profound knowledge and expertise in writing, planning and managing EU projects in the area of research, education, ICT . Thanks to his professionalism and availability, his interactive approach and his excellent communication skills, all my expectations have been more than met. Thank you. I strongly recommend the courses delivered by Nikolaos to anyone who wishes to develop and improve the skills in writing and implementing European projects.”

    European Projects Consultant Progettazione sociale presso cooperativa sociale ONLUS La fabbrica dei sogni

  • “ I attended the workshop co-conducted by Mr. Nikolaos Floratos in Madrid, (Horizon 2020 - Developing a Successful Proposal). By means of his very good communication skills as well as his knowledge of the subject taught, all my expectations for the workshop had been met.”

    Experto Senior, Idra systems

  • “Nikos conducts an amazingly thorough workshop over "planning and managing European Projects". He has excellent tutorial skills, profound knowledge and expertise. No doubt, the live lecture has greater impact on the attendants compared to e-learning. We also mingled and had a great time at his well organized and very pleasant premises.”

    Managing Partner of CommonLawgic

  • “I had the chance to meet Nikolaos Floratos in the European Project Accelerator training course on Horizon 2020 I attended in Brussels. I would like to highlight the superb expertise and mastery he possess regarding Project Management of EU funded Projects. The seminars he imparted were entertaining, realistic, clear and at the same time very practical. I definitively would recommend Nikolaos if you need to know more about European projects.”

    Services Coordinator at Department for International Trade (DIT) London

  • “I attended a one-week seminar co-instructed by Nikolaos and it was one of the best courses I have ever taken and certainly the best for practical skills. I have never had things explained so clearly to me. His presentations were stimulating and very helpful, and enabled me to achieve my learning objectives. Now I have a clear idea of what it is expected of a project in order to be funded by the EU and which are the main steps to be followed to develop a successful proposal in response to Horizon 2020 calls.”

    EU Projects Manager & Research Advisor en Universitat Pompeu Fabra

  • “I received a multiple day training from Mr. Floratus and I can say that it is trully a hands-on and practical training that really lifts my proposal writing skills to the next level. Thank you!”

    Projectverantwoordelijke Mechelen klimaatneutraal - Fairtrade at Stad Mechelen

  • “Successful Planning and Management of European Educational Funded Projects was a comprehensive training course expertly delivered by Mr. Nikolaos Floratos. As my tutor, I found Nikolaos’ way of teaching to be very constructive. He prompted us students to think logically and also at times to think outside the box, enhancing drastically the group dynamics in a very positive manner. Nikolaos is an excellent tutor, his skills as an educator are enriched by his joyful and cheerful personality. His previous experience in the field coupled with his in-depth knowledge on the subject make Nikolaos the perfect tutor for delivering such training material to novice students and also those with a curiosity to learn more. Thank you Nikolaos, may many students in the near and far future share this learning experience with you.”

    nnovations Manager and Proposal Writer

  • “Nikolaos Floratos was my trainer at the course “Successful Project Planning and Management of European Educational Projects”. Through his profound knowledge, his professionalism, his excellent communication skills, his availability to answer every question, his creativeness, his organization skills and his ability to point out remarkable marks really met all my expectations for this course. I highly recommend this course to anyone that wish to enhance his professional skills and become an expert in funding and implementation of European projects.”

    Experienced administrative manager / Oenologist

  • “From the start Nikolaos impressed me with his professionalism and depth of knowledge in the area. Furthermore, from the way he explained things, it was clear that he was also drawing on his vast practical experience as a Manager, a Consultant and an Evaluator of EU Projects. As a result, participants emerged from the course with practical and not merely just theoretical insights into the subject. I can honestly say that I have learnt a lot over this week and therefore strongly recommend this course - and in particular Nikolaos as tutor - for anyone who is interested in working in the area of EU Project Planning and Management.”


  • “Nikolaos demonstrated a great knowledge and expertise in the field. And going beyond that he introduces you on useful and sustainability platforms and network facilities that will allow each one of you to respond to your particular needs on the future.”

    Social & Funding Consulting. International Migration and EU Social Policies

  • “Dear Mr. Nikolaos Floratos and your Team, I bow my head in front of your professionalism!”

    Experience in project management and trainer in adult education