Presenting and engaging your audience such as your ERC or EIC panel

Our O.W.N. T.H.E. R.O.O.M.™ approach 

Our O.W.N. T.H.E. R.O.O.M.™ approach comprises the following two parts. You can either select  either
  • part 1 which is the live eCourse about the O.W.N. T.H.E. R.O.O.M.™ Formula,
  • part 2: One-to-one coaching (3 hourly sessions) or
  • the whole package, i.e. including both Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 2 mainly involves three coaching sessions specifically on making you an engaging presenter of your specific topic that we will work together. 

​Part 1: Live eCourse on O.W.N. T.H.E. R.O.O.M.™ Formula

Duration/Participants: 3 hours for one-to-one training, 1 full day for a larger audience
Mode: Face-to-face training or remote training in real time via zoom.us
Learning Goals:
  • Building the right mindset and confidence for presenting and impressing (Before your session]
  • Understand what to say for impressing with your presentation
  • Realise how you should sound  (your voice, pace, tonality and silence) for impressing with your presentation
  • Master how you should use your body, gaze, gestures, posture, movement and facial expressions for impressing with your presentation
  • Deal like a pro with any questions raised by your audience (e.g. ERC Panel, EIC accelerator,  pitching investors, event audience) and impress with your answers and approach
  • We will familiarise you with the O.W.N. T.H.E. R.O.O.M.™ formula based on the course  workbook and live demonstrations by the trainer.
  • Follow-up one-to-one session. We will video record you presenting for 2-5 minutes before and also after this one-to-one session for you self-assessing your progress
  • You will master the O.W.N. T.H.E. R.O.O.M.™ approach for delivering engaging presentations of any context

Part 2:  One-to-one coaching on your specific topic

Duration: 3 hourly coaching sessions per individual
Mode: Remote coaching in real-time via zoom.us
Coaching Goals:
  • Analysing specifically your content (ERC StG, ERC CoG proposal, speech, etc)
  • Identifying the key messages that your panel/audience should understand
  • Working on specific words that have to be used along with your presentation script
  • Finalising the content of your presentation script
  • Preparing you and making you comfortable with any questions to be raised by the panel
  • Working on your sound (voice, pace, tonality and silence) in your presentation script
  • Working on your body (gaze, gestures, posture, movement and facial expressions) for your presentation script
  • Making you look and sound like an engaging and confident leader in your  specific presentation topic 
  • ​We will video record you at the beginning and at the end of the coaching service for you self-assessing  your progress
  • In our first coaching session, we will video-record you presenting your ERC StG, ERC CoG proposal, speech, etc). We will then identify the key messages  for your panel/audience as well as specific phrases/words that you should highlight
  • In our second coaching session, we  will finalise your  presentation script and make you comfortable in dealing with the questions expected from your panel
  • In our third/last coaching session, we will work on your voice and body language for each slide in order to present as an engaging and comfortable presenter with a clear leadership mentality
OWN THE ROOM and impress with your presentation
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